Baltic Ventures Accelerator

Baltic Ventures is an early-stage tech accelerator based in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool that supports game-changing founding teams who are building the solutions and businesses of tomorrow.

Baltic Ventures Accelerator offers a 4-month cohort programme, including £30k investment, dedicated coaching support, interactive masterclasses and VC investor meetings.

Applications for Accelerator 2024 are now open and will close on 31 May 24′

Accelerator 2024 is for you if...

You are considering raising seed funding in the next 6 - 12 months and want to significantly raise your profile with investors and give your business the best chance of a successful investment raise.

You are looking to upskill as a founder, and avoid the common startup pitfalls, on an intensive market leading programme lead by a top tier team who have been there and done it.

You are looking to find product market fit, understand your customers better, and prepare for scalable growth.

You recognise the power and value of networks and want to build connections with customers, mentors, peers and subject matter experts that can support your growth.

You want to set yourself up to attract and retain the best talent as you grow and scale your business.

You are committed to building a business that makes a positive impact and is adaptable, sustainable and resilient in the face of changing times.

You are prepared to commit for 4 months (part-time) to a transformative in-person programme in Liverpool that can help them take your business to the next level.

You are currently based anywhere in the UK, or around the world, but want to grow your business in the UK.

What our cohort receives

4 Month Programme

4-month free programme with top tier team of coaches and advisors

£30k Equity Investment

£30k equity investment as an Advance Subscription Agreement (ASA)


Interactive and practical masterclasses with industry leaders and mentors

Personal Advisors

Your own personal expert coaching team to help tackle your most pressing challenges

Investment support

Dedicated support and networking opportunities designed to help you in securing potential investment

Networking Trips

Subsidised trips to Sifted Summit in London and Slush in Helsinki

Talent Program

Access to Baltic Ventures’ funded talent programme to support teams with emerging Liverpool City Region talent

Tech Perks

Tech platform perks from companies such as AWS, HubSpot, Scaleway, Notion and Miro

Office Space

Up to 9 months use of our office space in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle

Access to Partners

Introduction and fast track connection to a range of corporate and regional partners

Timeline for 2024

Kick off
Masterclasses & Events
Demo Day & Investor Dinners



Applications Open



Application Deadline

Applications close at 5pm



Shortlist Interview Day

At Baltic Ventures HQ



Accelerator 2024

Kick Off



Masterclass 01

Building an Investment Case



Sifted Summit 2024




Masterclass 02

GTM Strategies and Growth Marketing



Masterclass 03

Understanding your Customers



Masterclass 04

Fundraising like a Pro #1



Masterclass 05

The Art of Storytelling



Masterclass 06

Perfecting your Pitch #1



Networking & Investor Trip

Slush, Helsinki



Masterclass 07

Founder Wellbeing



Masterclass 08

Fundraising like a Pro #2



Masterclass 09

Perfecting your Pitch #2



Pitch Practice

Prepping for the Demo Day



Investor Dinner




Demo Day




Investor Dinner


Qualifying Criteria

You are an early-stage tech business with a product, or prototype, and have achieved some traction with your initial product or service offer

You are considering raising seed funding within the next 6-12 months

You are a team of at least 2 co-founders (although we will consider applications from sole founders)

Amongst the team there is relevant experience in either your product area or target market

You are ready to commit to the 4 month (part-time) transformative in-person programme in Liverpool to take your business to the next level

Your company is incorporated as a company limited by shares

We are particularly interested in receiving applications from diverse founder teams


How many companies will take part in Accelerator 2024?

Up to 12 companies

Does my company need to be based in the Liverpool City Region to apply to Accelerator 2024?

Companies can apply from anywhere in the world to Accelerator 2024 as long as you are able to attend the programmed activities in the UK. If you are applying from outside of the UK you may be required to fund a visa. More information on the visa process can be found here.

Where will Accelerator 2024 take place?

The majority of the accelerator program will take place at our space in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool. Additionally there will be coaching & mentoring online as well as exclusive networking events and dinners in locations such as Manchester, London and Helsinki. 

Are there any fees or charges for Accelerator 2024?

There are no cash fees or charges for Accelerator 2024

What investment terms do you offer for the £30k cash for equity?

Successful applicants to Accelerator 2024 will receive a £30k equity investment from our angel syndicate who will invest via a nominee company to keep cap tables nice and clean.

Investments are made as an Advanced Subscription Agreement (ASA) with a 20% discount for Baltic Ventures Angels on your next raise. If your company raises no equity finance within 6 months of the ASA date then the £30k investment will convert to equity shares in your company at a pre-agreed backstop valuation. If your company does raise equity funding within 6 months of the ASA date then the ASA will convert to shares at 20% of the pre-money valuation used in this round with your new investors.

How is the pre-agreed backstop valuation decided?

If you have raised equity finance, or received a bona fide term sheet from an equity investor,  in the past 12 months, this pre-money valuation will be taken as your backstop valuation in our ASA. If you have not raised equity finance then a backstop valuation of £970k pre-money will be used.  

Why do the ASAs convert after 6 months?

This 6 month time period is set by HMRC. By converting to shares within 6 months, it means that our angel investors can benefit from SEIS or EIS tax credits on their ASA investment.

Do I need to have SEIS or EIS Assurance in place when I apply to Baltic Ventures Accelerator 2024?

No, you do not need to have already applied for SEIS and/or EIS Advanced Assurance when you apply to Baltic Ventures. If you are successful in your application to Baltic Ventures we, alongside our partner Seedlegals, will be on hand to support you through the (S)EIS application process.

What is Accelerator 2024 worth and does it count towards our State Aid / de minimis threshold?

The programme is provided cash free to successful applicants and is offered in addition to a £30k cash equity investment. The accelerator programme is worth £40,000 and this amount counts towards your de minimis threshold of £315,000 over a three-year period.

I’m interested. How can I find out more about Accelerator 2024?

We are running a series of online drop-in sessions throughout May. Sign up for these, or contact with any questions you have and our team will be happy to help.

What is the application process for Accelerator 2024?

Please see this document which outlines the full application process and how to apply for Accelerator 2024.

I’ve applied to Accelerator 2024. How likely am I to receive a place?

Places on Accelerator 2024 are highly competitive. We will be interviewing an initial list of applicants and will then invite a shortlist to an investor pitch day at the end of June 2024. The successful companies will be notified soon after so we can arrange for you to receive your investment and hand pick your coaching and mentoring teams ready for Accelerator 2024’s kick off in September 2024.

Who from my team can take part in Accelerator 2024 with me?

Accelerator 2024 is focused on co-founding teams but the programme includes bespoke workstreams to ensure we serve the specific needs of each of our selected early-stage companies. We can include elements to suit founders wishing to involve other members of their team. 

What weekly time commitment does Accelerator 2024 require?

The time commitment required will vary from week to week and by team, as we will tailor the programme to your needs, but expect to commit around a day a week during the course of the 4-month programme.

What happens when Accelerator 2024 ends?

Community is central to Baltic Ventures. Once Accelerator 2024 completes in January 2025 you become one of our Alumni and you will always find a home, support and a team that has your back. From office hours and mentor and investor connections to invites to exclusive events, the relationship doesn’t end here, it is just beginning……

Baltic Ventures Accelerator

Applications for Accelerator 2024 are now open and will close on 31 May 2024 at 5pm BST